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TANDEM-3GR is a router supporting HSUPA+/HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS designed to provide access to internet through 3G mobile networks. RX Diversity (diversity reception) technology enhances the reliability and speed of a wireless connection. Strengthened fixture of SMA connectors allows connecting massive cable assemblies without the use of adapters. Compact aluminium enclosure represents a good screen protecting against external electromagnetic interference and provides convenient installation. There are three options of the router power supply: pin connector, Micro-Fit cable, and Ethernet cable.
The device can be used by individuals, as well as by companies where there is no possibility to connect to high speed internet through wired channels. Thanks to incorporated Wi-Fi you may immediately deploy your own wireless network without the use of additional adapters. This is a device that provides high reliability of data communication and a wide range of applications.